Date: 05 SEP 2023
Time: 20:30
Location: Gratsou Institute, Ithaca -GR
Language: GR | EN

Introducing Haris Kakarouhas, a gifted photographer hailing from Athens. With a diverse educational background in Cartography, Colour Theory and Visual Perception, and a Ph.D. in Photography, his expertise extends beyond the realm of artistic expression. Kakarouchas has gained international recognition with his photographs being extensively published and exhibited both in Greece and abroad.

Inner Odyssey. 

As we know, our work is our mirror. And the axis of my life is Socrates' call to "know thyself". So my work is a constant search for how it is possible to approach and portray the "core" or "truth" of human existence, using the photographic medium. By core I refer to what lies and manifests beyond the narcissistic dysfunctions of the personality. The search for this core is the subject of part of humanistic psychology today.

Thus my photographs are images of people and objects, landscapes of natural, urban and spiritual environments that compose a single space-time. What creates this unified spacetime is the common frequency of the photographic gaze, the common feeling. A mystical mood as if this world is emerging from a depth. They are photographs, without obvious ideas, comments or other kinds of messages. Pure images that the viewer who looks at them can perceive that what he sees in the image corresponds to, or reflects something within himself. It is precisely this inner feeling that this visually materialised world can evoke, that simultaneously invites a deeper redefinition of our relationship with ourselves and with the world.

My life and my art are not separate. My images mirror my truth, my way of living existence. I don't make the images, the images happen through me. I just participate in life like a child in a playground. The only challenge is to stay in the playground.

Haris Kakarouhas :

Throughout his career, he has released three captivating photographic albums: "On the Timelines," "Natural Presence," and "Suspended Time: A Portrait of Cuba." These works have garnered him prestigious accolades, including the European Publishers' Award and a commendable placement in the Schweppes Photographic Portrait prize. In Greece, he was honored with the Milos Prize for the artist book of the year.

Not only has he made a mark through his own artistic endeavors, but he has also played a pivotal role as the artistic director of the Eco-art festival, a collaboration between the Ministry of Environment and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2013. Furthermore, for the past fifteen years, he has shared his wealth of knowledge and insights by conducting photography seminars titled "In sight photo: photography as a conscious act."

Hari's profound body of work delves into what lies beyond the surface of our individual identities. His photographs encapsulate people, objects, and various landscapes, weaving them together to form a unified spacetime. Each image carries a mystical aura, as if emanating from a profound depth. Devoid of explicit ideas or messages, his pure visual compositions invite viewers to explore their own inner selves. Through this evocative journey, a deeper understanding of our relationship with ourselves and the world is born.

For him, the boundary between his life and art dissolves, as his images become a reflection of his personal truth and way of experiencing existence. He approaches photography with a sense of playfulness, participating in life's playground like a child. The challenge lies in remaining fully engaged and connected to the present moment.

Welcome to the Inner Odyssey of Haris Kakarouhas, where his photographic vision invites us to embark on a profound exploration of self and the interconnectedness of the world.