Photini Papahatzi

Photini Papahatzi

is a versatile professional with a diverse background in cultural management, education, and artistry. Holding a Master's degree in Arts Management from City University of London (2001) and a degree in European Civilization from Hellenic Open University (2016), she is deeply engaged in various cultural networks and initiatives.

As a member of the Bosch Alumni Network and the Culture for Change network, Photini has received recognition for her contributions to the field, including accolades such as the Anna Lindh Foundation Mobility recipient (2023) and a fellow of the START Create Cultural Change program (2016).

Since 2007, Photini has been actively involved in designing and executing socio-cultural projects across Greece's periphery, collaborating with diverse stakeholders to foster community engagement and empowerment. She also shares her expertise as a certified trainer in adult education, facilitating non-formal education programs and photography workshops.

Photini Papahatzi

Photini's artistic pursuits encompass participation in impactful projects like ‘Lhi-Lna- Living History-Living Nature,’ aimed at preserving local heritage through artistic expression. Additionally, she spearheads the "Postcards from Home" workshop, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and creative exploration.

Her artistic journey extends to organizing and exhibiting in contemporary art showcases, including notable events like the 6th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art (2018) and "The Provinces" at TAF Athens (2019). Her photography has garnered international recognition, with exhibitions spanning across New York, Cuba, the UK, Germany, Greece, FYROM, Russia, and Croatia, contributing to a global conversation on cultural exchange and expression.

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